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What we do
NEV Electronics LLC provides electronics engineering consulting services, products for our clients and our own line of electronic products.  We
specialise in lighting controls, ballasts, building automation, industrial and mobile control.  Select the Services button for our consulting capabilities
and the Products button for our line of products.

CEDR: Cost Effective Demand Response system
"The California Lighting Technology Center of the University of California, Davis, in conjunction with Benya Lighting Design and NEV Electronics
LLC, is pleased to announce the development of a new system for electrical power system Demand Response
(“DR”).  This system is capable of
being quickly implemented at low cost and can be used to shed unnecessary lighting, appliance, air conditioning, and almost any other electric load
during periods of Stage
1, 2 or 3 power emergencies.  

The principal feature of the system is the ability to retrofit into existing buildings of all types, from residences to hotels, office buildings, and even
industrial sites.  No major rewiring is required; transmitting devices are installed at the electrical panel and receiving devices, including special wall
switches, are installed at loads.  Loads are shed upon command with the option of power emergency level, permitting prioritizing and choice by the

Unlike competing and foregoing concepts, this development uses low cost, robust devices, easily installed in existing or new buildings, and is
capable of plug and play operation.  It has been specifically developed to solve California’s power crisis issues through safe, planned and staged
load shedding, rather than adding generation capacity or staging rolling blackouts.   The simplicity of the system lends itself to broad dissemination
through utility rebate programs and other mass marketing programs.

A proof of concept demonstration device has been developed and operates properly."
UC Davis Technology Transfer Services announcement

See also
CEDR Report,  CEDR block diagram, CEDR Short Description,  CLTC web page,  and Flex your Power.

NEV designed and produced a demonstration system that has been installed at CLTC.  An RF remote is used to trigger the DR event to simulate the
wide variety of triggers that may be preferred by individual utilities.  The CLTC site photographs show that only the existing electrical wiring is
required when a wireless DR trigger signal is used..  Patent applied for.  

CEDR development towards commercialization is proceeding under Project 3  of CEC's PIER
LRP2 Lighting California's Future.

Retrofit Fluorescent Dimming with Integrated Lighting Controls:
Joel Snook, subcontracting to Vistron, designed the PCC encoding and decoding concepts, hardware and firmware, specified the PC level software
requirements and managed its development.  Project Overview,  final report
, additional information.

Wireless Environmental Sensor proof of concept demo:
Joel Snook, subcontracting to Vistron, modified a commercial occupancy sensor to be compatible with a Dust mote and added an illuminance
sensor.  See page 8 of report.

1-Wire in task lamp proof of concept demo:
Joel Snook and Pete Pettler modified commercial lamps to allow 1-Wire control.  Report.

Who we are
President Joel Snook is a hardware, firmware and product design engineer, see resumé.  NEV works with a number of consultants and businesses
to add software engineering, PC layout, product and circuit board assembly to our capabilities as needed.  We can provide turnkey design and
production capability to our clients who do not wish to manage the required services themselves.

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